Standard Flow Skid Steer Mulchers

All new mulching heads for mid-sized Standard Flow skid steers +64LPM

Quick Specs

Overall Width

1550 / 1803 mm

Flow Range

64 - 114 LPM


590 / 665 kg



Fecon Australia’s new Standard Flow Mulchers for Skid Steers and Track Loaders.

Requiring only 64 litres per minute of flow, Fecon’s innovative and unique new Standard Flow Mulchers suit most types of mid-sized CTLs and SSLs.

Also containing an FMX rotor to ensure a neat and tidy final mulch, these new and impressive mulching heads from the World’s #1 forestry equipment supplier is the ideal way for you to expand your business capability and profitability!


Suits Machines:Bobcat, ASV, Terex, Takeuchi, Kubota, ToyotaBobcat, ASV, Terex, Takeuchi, Kubota, Toyota
Overall Width:1550 mm1803 mm
Working Width:1270 mm1524 mm
Flow Range:64 – 114 LPM64 – 114 LPM
Weight:607 kg665 kg
Motor Specs:1 x 45V1 x 45V
Max Horsepower:7575
Max Pressure PSI:40004000
# Tools:2226


  • Compatible with SSLs and CTLs +64 LPM hydraulic flow.
  • 22 / 26 cutting tools contained within a 1270 / 1524 mm cutting width.
  • FMX rotor ensures a consistent bite and chip size.
  • Smaller mulching head is easily transported and operated.
  • Adaptable mounting plates ensure easy attachment to any mid-sized loader.
  • Close centre of gravity; operated by mid-sized SSL / CTLs regardless of rating.
  • Exceptionally fine mulch size with Fecon’s newly-designed rotor.
  • Clear more than one acre in an hour (depending on density).



The FMX is a split ring rotor system with two tool options — Cubit Knife and Cubit Carbide.

The Cubit Knife tool system is double sided and easily flipped for a brand new cutting edge. This tool is faster at cutting, resulting in a finer end product. A tapered tool body allows chip material to flow efficiently.

The Cubit Carbide tool is a versatile tool for shredding material and improved durability. Ideal for applications that require ground engagement.


Our excavator forestry mulchers are equipped with large high performance variable displacement hydraulic motors. Built by Rexroth, these motors are the benchmark for hydraulic quality.

In addition, unlike fixed displacement motors that are used in competitor mulcher heads, Fecon’s variable displacement motors are load sensing. This means they automatically adjust speed and torque ratios in order to minimise drum stall. They are sometimes referred to as 2-speed drive motors.

This significantly increases productivity whilst also reducing hydraulic temperature and fuel burn. The result: maximum efficiency for your Bull Hog excavator mulcher head.

  • Fecon Standard Flow Mulcher with RT-60 - Hero 1-min
  • Fecon-Standard-Flow-Mulcher-with-RT-60---Hero-8-min
  • Fecon Standard Flow Mulcher with RT-60 - Hero 7-min
  • Fecon Standard Flow Mulcher with RT-60 - Hero 6-min
  • Fecon Standard Flow Mulcher with RT-60 - Hero 5-min
  • Fecon Standard Flow Mulcher with RT-60 - Hero 4-min
  • Fecon Standard Flow Mulcher with RT-60 - Hero 3-min
  • Fecon Standard Flow Mulcher with RT-60 - Hero 2-min


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