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Feedback from some of Fecon Australia's many happy customers.

Fecon Australia keeps your needs as a contractor close to heart. We are a tight-knit family who do all we can to make your operation more productive and profitable.

Many of our loyal and satisfied customers tell us it’s different doing business with Fecon Australia. What is the Fecon difference exactly? It’s hard to say, but we work hard to understand our customers’ needs, and provide real value.

We deliver uniquely specialised equipment — machines that uniquely fit the conditions in which you run and operate them — and we take pride in providing a high level of service. We always have. See below feedback from some of Fecon Australia’s many happy customers.

BMI Civil Group

Watch Mark from BMI Civil Group clear dense Australian bushland with his Fecon BH85 Mulcher and ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track combination.

Fecon Australia’s world-famous BH85 mulcher, featuring a robust FGT rotor and extreme durability teeth, combines with the ASV Posi-Track RT-135F to deliver all new levels of efficiency, productivity and performance like you’ve never seen before.

Our sincere thanks, to Mark, Anthony, Brian and all the crew at BMI Civil Group for their participation in this video, and ongoing support for so many years!

Justin Holmes – Specialised Excavation Services

  • Fecon-Australia-Specialised-Excavation-NewZealand-1-Web
  • Fecon-Australia-Specialised-Excavation-NewZealand-2-Web

“I have been an operator and a contract supervisor at various stages in my career for 39 years. I have been in civil engineering most of that time and been involved with some big contracts in the south island of NZ. Major earthworks, drainage contracts, transmission structures, forestry infrastructure roading, and more.

I bought the Fecon unit after doing a lot of research on other units. I have had another flail units that were difficult unit to do maintenance on. The Fecon FMX unit is an excellent fit for my machine given that I have a Steelwrist direct fit to my machine – so I had to consider size and weight. The unit is very easy to sharpen and to look after.

I really like the response time for the drive, it is a well built unit, and it is an easy unit to maintain and sharpen. I really like the mulch quality that it produces on our vegetation that we have here. The clients that I have used it on here are very happy with the results that it produces which has already generated more work for the machine. So far I have not found anything that I dislike on the unit or want to change.

I have found Jake (Fecon Australia) to be an excellent contact, answering all of my questions and queries. He was excellent with his knowledge of the unit and getting the unit here to New Zealand given that this was the first time that I have imported into NZ. I have no hesitation in recommending Fecon Australia. I think that with Australia and NZ being so similar this made life very easy for me in getting this project sorted.”

– Justin Holmes, Specialised Excavation Services (New Zealand) – Fecon FMX50 Excavator Mulcher

Gold Creek Earthmoving

Watch Tom from Gold Creek Earthmoving using his Fecon Standard Flow SSL Mulcher to reclaim a massive area of land from unwanted vegetation.

Absolutely impressive work by the Gold Creek Earthmoving crew – find out more on their Facebook page:

East Coast Land Solutions

East Coast Land Solutions Fecon Skid Steer Mulcher

East Coast Land Solutions is a vegetation and land management business based out of Townsville, servicing North Queensland and surrounding areas.

Services include but are not limited to all things land management: cleaning up fence lines, opening up overgrown land, constructing fire breaks, Reducing fire hazards, adding value to property and regaining land space.

ECLS provide the solutions to these problems and more. Learn how East Coast Land Solutions can help you achieve your vegetation clearing goals within budget:

Comiskey Corporation



Awesome setup!

Thanks Steven from Comiskey Corporation, QLD, for sending in photos of his brand new Fecon BH74 Skid Steer Mulcher. Steven will be using his new mulcher for work in his business.

Thanks Steven for choosing Fecon Australia!

Nixon Plumbing




Check out these impressive before, during and after photos by Nixon Plumbing, capturing the stages of a fenceline clearing project at Cape Hillsborough in QLD.

Nixon Plumbing are experts at clearing vegetation with their Fecon FMX50 – as well as all aspects of plumbing and trenching – and service all areas of Mackay, the Whitsundays and the surrounding coal districts.

Find out more on Nixon Plumbing’s Facebook page:

Thanks to the Nixon crew for these brilliant photos, we love your work!

Darren & Claudia from Amani

Fecon mulcher and xcmg excavator

Today we have Darren and Claudia from Amani Farm in Rollands Plains taking delivery of a Fecon FMX36 Mulcher along with an XCMG Sales & Service XE55U Mini Excavator.

This will be used for work around their property and to subcontract in the local area.

Thanks Darren and Claudia for choosing Fecon Australia!

Dave from Murray’s Landscape Supplies and Earthmoving

Before and after CEM36 attachment

Before and After

These before and after photos are credit to Dave from Murray’s Landscape Supplies & Earthmoving, Hawkesbury Region. Dave uses the Fecon CEM36 attachment with FGT rotor to clear the overgrown vegetation featured.

Awesome work Dave, thanks for sharing!

Land Clearing and Eco Mulching

  • Fecon before and after
  • Fecon before and after
  • Fecon before and after


Check out these before and after photos!

These photos are credited to Justin from Land Clearing and Eco Mulching, in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. Justin is using our BH74 skid steer mulcher with a DCR rotor.

Excellent job Justin, thanks again for choosing Fecon Australia.

Fecon skid steer mulchers can quickly mulch standing trees up to 20cm in diameter and can process even larger trees as needed.
Built tough to maximise durability, efficiency and value-for-money, Fecon mulchers are the smartest equipment investment you’ll ever make.

Travis From Talbot Earthworx

Fecon FMX50 on excavator

Here we have Travis from Talbot Earthworx in Melbourne with his Fecon FMX50 excavator mulcher attachment.

Travis has been using his FMX50 for vegetation management in his business.

The Fecon excavator mulchers are built durable and tough and can easily mulch through the hardest Australian timbers.

Thanks Travis for choosing Fecon Australia.

Murray Landscape Supplies and Earthmoving

  • Fecon mulcher on Bobcat excavator
  • before mulching process
  • before mulching process
  • Fecon mulcher after photo

Here we have Murray Landscape Supplies and Earthmoving showing off their CEM36 Fecon excavator mulcher attachment.

These before and after pictures show how versatile and powerful the Fecon mulcher heads are – whilst being durable enough to tackle even the toughest and hardest Australian timbers.

Thanks Murray Landscape Supplies and Earthmoving for choosing Fecon Australia for your mulching attachment needs.

Matt from Ourimbah

  • Gregory-After-1-FMX36-XCMG-XE55U-Excavator-Mulcher
  • Gregory-After-2-FMX36-XCMG-XE55U-Excavator-Mulcher
  • Gregory-Before-1-FMX36-XCMG-XE55U-Excavator-Mulcher
  • Gregory-Before-2-FMX36-XCMG-XE55U-Excavator-Mulcher
  • Gregory-Before-2-FMX36-XCMG-XE55U-Excavator-Mulcher-2
  • Gregory-Before-2-FMX36-XCMG-XE55U-Excavator-Mulcher-3

Take a look at these impressive ‘Before and After’ photos from our talented customer Matt on the Central Coast of NSW.

Matt recently purchased a Fecon FMX36 mulcher and XCMG XE55U mini excavator from XCMG Sales & Service a couple of weeks ago, and he has already ripped into his clearing work, removing hundreds of square metres of dense scrub and bush on his property!

This really shows the power, efficiency and productivity offered by a Fecon mulcher attached to a high quality excavator!

Thanks Matt for sharing with us, we love your work!

Van Den Berg Earthmoving


Here we have Paul and Hank from Van Den Berg Earthmoving in NSW – the proud owners of the first ever FTX200 Forestry Tractor in Australia!

After inspecting the FTX200 at our Newcastle branch, Paul and Hank were highly impressed by its excellent operator visibility, spacious and comfortable cab, exceptional power and pivoting undercarriage.

Paul and Hank take great pride in their machinery and were seeking the ideal forestry tractor to remove blueberry plantations and prepare the cleared beds for a new orchard. Longer term, Paul and Hank will look to utilise their FTX200 across a wide variety of vegetation management projects.

We are proud and delighted to work with Paul and Hank – top quality people with top quality machinery!

Coastal Vegetation Management



Rowan Thomson – See Change Land Management

See Change Land Management


Eddie Woods – Woods Earthmoving & Plant Hire

Woods Earthmoving & Plant Hire - Edit

30 Years in the Industry

“After a lot of research and consideration, Woods Earthmoving & Plant Hire purchased a Fecon Stumpex stump grinder to remove stumps from our work sites. We carry out tree removal from back yards, parks and gardens and fire breaks that cover many kilometres in all different types of timber and terrain.

We have removed around three thousand stumps with our Stumpex now and are extremely pleased with its performance. We can grind a stump in close proximity to the public and not worry about flying debris hitting anyone or leaving a mess behind. The Stumpex just leaves the grindings in a nice neat pile where the stump was ground. We have removed stumps from 200 mm in diameter to 2 metres in diameter with great success.

Fecon and the sales rep have been easy to deal with and went out of their way to get us a demo unit to put on our machine so that we could put it to the test which it easily passed. We have been very happy with Fecon and the Stumpex.”

Eddie Woods – Woods Earthmoving & Plant Hire