Skid Steer Mulchers

Premium Quality Forestry Mulching Heads to suit Skid Steers, Posi-Tracks and Bobcats

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RK5015 Skid Steer Mulcher
Overall Width
1550 mm
Flow Range
53 - 102 LPM
590 kg

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BH 74 Skid Steer Mulcher
Overall Width
1880 mm
Flow Range
91 - 171 LPM
1420 kg

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BH 85 Skid Steer Mulcher
Overall Width
2160 mm
Flow Range
91 - 171 LPM
1540 kg

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Blackhawk Skid Steer Mulcher
Overall Width
2311 mm
Flow Range
91 - 171 LPM
1224 kg

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Heavy Duty SSL Mulchers
Model Sizes
Flow Ranges
102 - 795 LPM
1089 - 3561 kg
Max Size
600 hp

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Fecon Australia offers a full line of hydraulic skid steer mulchers for your SSL, bobcat, positrack or other hydraulic compact loader – for sale or dry hire.

These forestry mulcher attachments (also known as skid steer mulcher heads) are ideal for high flow skid steers and track loaders to clear brush, trees and stumps down to ground level.

Fecon skid steer mulchers can quickly mulch standing trees up to 20cm in diameter and can process even larger trees as needed.

Built tough to maximise durability, efficiency and value-for-money, Fecon mulchers are the smartest equipment investment you’ll ever make.


There are many advantages of Fecon skid steer mulchers, including:

  • Suits many models of skid steer including Bobcat, Terex, ASV, Takeuchi, Kubota, Deere and more.
  • Customisable and versatile rotor and tooling systems.
  • Severe duty, large diameter drums are built to last.
  • Superior cutting force. Ideal surface area engagement and greater inertia than other mulchers.
  • Heavy-duty pin-on adjustable push bar. Serrated ears directs material to better feed the mulcher head.
  • Bolt-on curved skid shoes made of AR400 Steel, results in less ploughing of material.
  • Ideal mulcher geometry allows most skid steers to mulch below grade if desired. Achieve more uniform results, and improved ground condition.
  • Hydraulic trap door to contain debris and achieve finer sizing, standard in Australia.
  • Improved housing design. Provides optimal material flow and increased mulching efficiency.
  • Designed and built heavy-duty to last in the toughest mulching applications.
  • Maximum efficiency and versatility.
  • Made to suit most skid steers, positracks, bobcats and other SSL machines.


Fecon skid steer mulchers, positrack mulchers and bobcat mulchers are available with 2 different rotor systems, offering versatility and customisability to best suit your needs:


FGT Mulcher Rotor

The FGT rotor system is a fixed tooth drum-style configuration. Featuring a smooth rotor surface, spiral tool pattern, and innovative tool shape for smooth, efficient cutting.

In addition to outstanding performance, the FGT rotor system is built to last in the most difficult of mulching applications.

Forged tools and tool holders, a V-Back tool fastening system, heavy-wall drum material, and an efficient structural design. These have been proven in tough applications for thousands of hours with power in excess of 600 HP. The result: the Fecon drum is built to last!

  • Single-bolt tool fastening that is secure and easily serviced from the rear of the tool holder.
  • Severe Duty rotor bearing seal design protects from debris for longer bearing life.
  • Forged bolt-on rotor stub shafts.
  • Lower profile tool height and smooth rotor surface — ideal when working in deep soil.

Fecon’s FGT rotor system can be equipped with multiple tool options. This allows contractors to quickly configure their mulcher to suit diverse conditions:

  • Standard dual-carbide tools—greatest all-around reliability and performance for most contractors
  • Severe Duty carbides—wear plates added to the body of the Standard Double Carbide
  • Stone tools—the greatest durability and wear characteristics against rock and abrasion
  • The Samurai knife—increased productivity and finer, more consistent chip size
  • The Viking Sword knife—increased productivity with improved durability and a more consistent chip size


DCR Mulcher Rotor

Introducing the Depth Control Rotor (DCR) system.

The Fecon DCR brings a superior level of performance and value to mulching. Controlling the depth of bite and directing material flow, so that energy is reserved for production.

The innovative DCR cuts quickly, delivering better fuel economy and more uniform particle size. The DCR system leverages the reversible Samurai knife tool. The rotor and the tool are paired for optimal performance and long-lasting productivity.

Depth control rings of the DCR system work with the Samurai knife to enable more cutting with less horsepower. The shape of the Samurai knife edge slices as it chips, providing greater forgiveness on rock than straight-edged tools or saw teeth.

Depth control rings lend further impact protection to the tool body and reduce shock loading to the mechanical or hydraulic driveline.

  • Severe Duty rotor bearing seal design protects from debris for longer bearing life.
  • Forged bolt-on rotor stub shafts.


All skid steer mulcher models are equipped with large 107cc high performance variable displacement hydraulic motors. Built by Rexroth – the benchmark for hydraulic quality.

Unlike fixed displacement motors that are used in competitor mulching heads, variable displacement motors are load sensing. This means they automatically adjust speed and torque ratios in order to minimise drum stall. They are sometimes referred to as 2-speed drive motors.

This significantly increases productivity whilst also reducing hydraulic temperature and fuel burn. The result: maximum efficiency for your skid steer mulcher.

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Our Fecon Skid Steer Mulchers are also available in package deals with ASV / Terex Posi-Track Loaders from ASV Sales & Service Australia-wide, or with trailer packages from our friends at Bonanza Trailers. Contact us for more details.

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